Charity Donations: Hugo Losers Party Sign

We continue to spotlight donations from dealers, members, and staff

You're probably aware that Worldcon is the home, creator, and presenter of the Hugo Awards, most easily explained as Science Fiction and Fantasy's version of Hollywood's Oscar. There's lots of pomp and circumstance as nominees assemble on Sunday night for a gala presentation of the awards. What's slightly less known is that there are quite a few more losers than winners of the award, all similarly talented to the winners just not as lucky "this time." 

Well, when the award show is over, the losers attend a legendary party that many believe is more fun than the party thrown for the handful of winners.

And so, we're really proud to be able to provide some lucky bidder with an artifact from Worldcon 75's Hugo Loser Party: The Welcome Sign.

Etched on thick hard plastic, any fan should be thrilled at the prospect of being able to hang this sign somewhere in their home, and perhaps enforce the laws inscribed thereon. Will you be able to be that Winner of the Losers?  Only if you bid high!

Again, I hope you'll come out and support the Worldcon76 in San Jose Charity Auction, the beneficiary of which is the Alzheimer's Association. If you're a fan of fantastic art, unique collectables and just really cool stuff, there's sure to be quite a few items that you'll need to add to your collection.

Learn more about the Charity Auction and the Alzheimer's Association here.


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Charity Donation: San Jose Light Tower!

We continue to spotlight donations from dealers, members, and staff

We're running out of time to spotlight all the donations that we're received, but hope that the ones we have shared with you will indicate the wide variety and crazy cool nature of what will be auctioned off during Worldcon 76!

If you've been following the convention's development for the last two years (longer if you count prior to winning the bid) you'll recall that one of our mascots and inspirations has been the historic San Jose Electric Light Tower. Worldcon 76 Chair Kevin Roche has used his crafting and electronics skills to build not only a 1/10th scale model of the tower with modern electronics, but created several table sized tower replicas out of clear plastic and computer-controlled LEDs. 

And one of them is going to be in the auction!

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Announcing the Worldcon 76 Local Guide!

The Publications & Communications team have prepared a web/smartphone app to help newcomers and visitors to San Jose with detailed information about the stores and restaurants that are nearby the Convention Center, downtown hotels, and the SJC airport.

Visit the Local Guide page under Travel & Lodging to view the web app or download and install the mobile app (iOS users must install the app from Safari).

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Charity Donation: San Jose Museum of Art Membership

We continue to spotlight donations from dealers, members, and staff

Image result for san jose museum of art

This may not be of interest to Worldcon Members who aren't local to the Bay Area, but given the way people move around who can tell?

The San Jose Museum of Art has donated an Advocate Membership to our auction.  This includes the following benefits:

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Charity Donations: Game of Thrones Coin

We continue to spotlight donations from dealers, members, and staff

Another one of a kind... or rather 1 of 10 in existence donation will be available during the Charity Auction.  This iron coin features the Faceless Man, from A Song of Ice and Fire, and is #4 in this very limited run.  George RR Martin was given #1, and has signed a card included in this package. 

Crafted and donated by Shire Post Mint, this coin was actually sent into the stratosphere via a weather balloon in 2015. The manufacturers call it the “Spaceless Man Coin” when discussing it among themselves. It includes a piece of the balloon and other event artifacts, including a thumb drive with video and stills of the coin's assent into the stratosphere.

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