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The Worldcon Program is its oldest tradition. The Program is where fans and pros together share their knowledge and passions with an audience that shares their interest and enthusiasm. It's one of the aspects that best demonstrates the unique community experience that is Worldcon.

The Programming Division is already hard at work generating ideas and contacting people to participate.  But it’s not just about panels.  It’s also about Gaming and Klatsches and Workshops and Music -- with the occasional Lecture on topics both hard and soft, or demonstrations of wild, weird and wonderful skills and techniques.  

If you’re an aspiring writer, consider participating in the Writers’ Workshop.  This is an opportunity to have both new and experienced authors critique your work.  Many well known writers got their feet wet at a Worldcon Writers’ Workshop.  Not sure you’re ready for that?  Consider participating in a Deep Dive, where discussion focuses around how to write a particular type of scene or develop a character.  
Need to develop your artist’s portfolio?  That is another Deep Dive topic, along with other tools to advance your career.  
Workshops aren’t limited to just writers and artists.  Whether learning how to make a prop or prosthetic for a costume, or dance steps, or intros to filk and music, or almost anything, it’s likely to be something we will offer.

Want an opportunity to meet an author or artist?  Consider signing up for a Kaffeeklatsch or Literary Beer.  This is an opportunity for 8-10 people to hang out with someone in a casual environment.  Or go for a Stroll With The Stars early one morning.  Note: signups for both Klatsches and Workshops will only be done on-site (with far more details to come).

Music is a big item on our list.  We are planning events both big and small, and will be going into the wee hours every night.  Bring your voices and instruments to join in a filk circle. Or just have a seat and listen to the wide variety of music that happens at Worldcon.

Do you have an interest or belong to a fandom and want to meet people who share that interest? A Birds of a Feather (BoF) session might be just the thing! We'll have some space set aside for impromptu BoFs, but you can suggest one in advance to get it scheduled, too!