Join Us In Putting On a Spectacular Worldcon!

Worldcons are community events staffed entirely by volunteers. Hundreds of Worldcon 76 members will play roles large and small to make this world-wide gathering of science fiction and fantasy fandom happen. There is something very special about being a worldcon volunteer. Please join us as a volunteer and find out for yourself!

How Do I Sign Up!

We’re so glad you asked. Just fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

What Kind of Help Is Needed?

Many volunteers are visible in roles such as registering members, staffing information desks, and providing snacks to members in the Con Suite. Many others make things happen behind the scenes. Creating exhibits, organizing programs and events, managing convention property, and writing and editing a variety of communications are just a few examples of other types of work necessary to support a worldcon.

We are posting some specific needs on our Help Wanted page, but not every opportunity makes it to that page. Before posting an ad, we look for matches among the people who have already contacted us using our volunteer interest form. Folks on that list also receive a newsletter with updates on volunteer needs.

What Is the Time Commitment?

Worldcon 76 needs volunteers before the con, during the con, and after the con. During and immediately before or after the con, you can even volunteer for as little as a few hours.

Before the con is when the planning takes place, contracts are signed, outreach is conducted, and logistics are worked out. To have the biggest impact on Worldcon 76, volunteer in an Area Head or Staff level position and plan to spend a few hours or more each week leading up to the convention.

At the con you can commit to working as little as a few hours as a “Gopher” or make a substantial time commitment in advance for a Staff level position which involves more responsibility or specific skills.

After the con there is still a lot to be done! We need Gophers and Staff to get everything cleared out of convention function space. Many volunteers who take on pre-con responsibilities will wrap those up after the con.

If you have a question about the time commitment for any position, don’t hesitate to ask!

Why Else Should I Volunteer?

People volunteer for different reasons, and many positions carry their own unique benefits, but here are some common reasons and benefits:

  • It’s a Worldcon! Come on, how many of your friends have done anything this cool? (But feel free to increase that number.)
  • Gain experience or try something different. Many volunteers have gained experience, contacts, or references helpful for real-life jobs.
  • Talk to fans from all over the world! Interact with authors and artists! Even if you are an introvert! Many volunteer positions involve working with interesting people who have interests you share. You will meet other awesome volunteers too.
  • Perks! There will be different perks for volunteering at the Staff and Gopher levels. We expect to have some volunteer-only freebies too. And ribbons!
  • Staff level: We will have Staff t-shirts. We will have a Staff Lounge, with food. Also, Staff memberships are discounted from the current rate.
  • Gopher level perks are not yet finalized but are likely to be based on the number of hours worked and to include access to the Staff Lounge and a volunteer t-shirt.

It’s YOUR Worldcon. Worldcons are the sum of the efforts of their volunteers. As a volunteer, your efforts and input have a meaningful influence on the convention.

Worldcon 76 is committed to inclusivity both in our membership and in our volunteers.

Will I receive a free membership for volunteering?

All staff and volunteers must be paid attending members prior to the beginning of the convention (as must all program participants with the exception of the very few Guests of Honor). This is in part because each Worldcon is organized in turn by a different corporate entity, so there is no built in financial continuity from year to year; we must raise the funds for our conference almost exclusively from membership fees. It is also, perhaps as importantly, because the culture of participation is one of Worldcon's oldest traditions; the entire event is an experience created mutually by the entire membership, including volunteers and pros. Staff memberships are available at a discounted rate.

Still Have Questions?

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..