The Hugo Awards, presented annually since 1955, are science fiction’s most prestigious award. The Hugo Awards are voted on by members of the World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”), which is also responsible for administering them.

Hugo Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2018 Hugo Award, Award for Best Young Adult Book, and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and for the 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards were announced on March 31, 2018. See the 2018 Hugo Award and the 1943 Retro-Hugo Award finalists announcements for the full list of finalists.

2018 Hugo Awards Ceremony

On the evening of Sunday, August 19, 2018, Worldcon 76 will present the 2018 Hugo Awards at a ceremony open to all attending members of Worldcon 76 in the Grand Ballroom of the McEnery Convention Center. The Ceremony starts at 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time (Doors open 7 PM) . The Hugo Awards Ceremony will be hosted by Worldcon 76 Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio. The Ceremony will also be simultaneously shown in Callahan's Place in the Exhibit Hall in an more relaxed environment where you can eat, drink, and socialize during the event. Worldcon 76 intends to live-stream the Hugo Awards ceremony over the internet. Details will be published closer to the event. In addition, the Hugo Awards web site will provide lower bandwidth text-only coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony using the CoverItLive system as they have done for the past several years.

The finalists for the 2018 Hugo Award, Award for Best Young Adult Book, and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and for the 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards were announced on March 31, 2018. See the 2018 Hugo Award and the 1943 Retro-Hugo Award finalists announcements for the full list of finalists.

Retrospective Hugo Awards

The 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards ("Retro-Hugos") will be presented at a red carpet "1943 Worldcon Party and Dance" as part of the Convention's First Night festivities starting at 8 PM on Thursday, August 16, 2018 in the Convention Center in Lower Level 20. Walk the red carpet, wear your 1940s finery if you have it (although it's okay to come as you are) and hear the announcement of the Hugo Awards for works first published in 1942 as voted by the members of Worldcon 76.

WSFS rules allow a Worldcon held an even multiple of 25 years after any year after 1938 when no Hugo Awards were presented (including years when no Worldcons were held) to present Retrospective Hugo Awards for that year, provided that Retro-Hugos for that year have not previously been awarded. The Retrospective Hugo Awards must use the categories currently in force for the current Hugo Awards, but this does not include the Award for Best Young Adult Book or the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, neither of which is a Hugo Award. As with the "regular" Hugo Awards, any categories in which there was little or no interest were dropped after the nominating stage.

Worldcon 76 elected to exercise its authority to present the 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards, which are generally for works first published or appearing in 1942. There was no Worldcon held in 1943, nor have there been Retro-Hugos previously presented for that year.

Hugo Award Final Ballot Voting

Voting for the 2018 and 1943 Hugo Awards ended July 31, 2018. Supporting and attending members of Worldcon 76 (and members with equivalent voting rights) who joined the convention before the end of final ballot voting were eligible to vote on the final ballot.


Hugo Award voting is now closed. Links to paper ballot forms below are for archival purposes only. 

Hugo Voter Packet

The Hugo Voter Packet was an electronic package of free material provided by nominees and publishers for Hugo voters. This material was made available during the voting period only and is no longer available. Worldcon 76 thanks all of the finalists and publishers for allowing our members to evaluate the shortlisted works.

The overall Hugo process is as follows (this is the general description, not specific to Worldcon 76):

  1. During January-March each year members of the Worldcon are each allowed to nominate up to five people or works from the previous year in fifteen categories.
  2. In early April a shortlist is announced of six finalists in each category and a final ballot is sent to members of the Worldcon that year.
  3. The members of the current Worldcon cast a final ballot, with balloting ending around sometime in July (it depends on exactly when Worldcon is that year.) The ballot is a preferential ballot which allows the voters to rank all nominees.
  4. At Worldcon the winners are announced at the Hugo Ceremony and receive a special trophy.