WSFS: You’re a Member

If you’re a member of Worldcon 76 San Jose, you’re a member of WSFS: the World Science Fiction Society. The WSFS division manages the official business of the Society, which is only three areas, but they are the three very important areas that make the convention a Worldcon. WSFS includes the Hugo Awards Administration that runs the actual Hugo Awards election. (The Hugo Awards Ceremony is run by Events.) Site Selection manages the elections to choose the site of the 2020 Worldcon and (if required) the 2019 NASFiC. The WSFS Business Meeting is where changes to the WSFS rules, including the Hugo Awards and Site Selection, are debated and voted upon.

All attending and supporting members of Worldcon 76 are eligible to nominate and vote on the final ballot for the Hugo Awards, to vote on future Worldcon (and if required, NASFiC) site selection, and to participate in the Business Meeting. You must be an attending member to actually attend and vote at the Business Meeting; however, supporting members may submit business. Worldcon is not just a convention; it’s a society, and you’re a member of it.