Worldcon 76 will conduct the elections to select the site of the 2020 Worldcon and the 2019 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC). To vote in either of these elections, you must be an attending or supporting member of Worldcon 76. At the time you vote, you will pay an additional amount called the Advance Supporting Membership fee, which is a supporting membership in the Worldcon or NASFiC, regardless of which site wins the election. This money goes to the winning Worldcon or NASFiC bid regardless of who wins or how you voted.

Site Selection Hours

Thursday Noon to 7pm

Friday 1pm to 7pm

Saturday 1am to 6pm; voting ends at 6pm

Site Selection Voting

Paper site selection ballots were mailed in Progress Report 3 to those members who requested paper publications. You can download PDFs of the site selection ballots below.

Site Selection Ballots

Worldcon 2020 Site Selection Ballot

NASFiC 2019 Site Selection Ballot

Download these directly by right-clicking (or the equivalent) in your browser and using the "save link as..." (or its equivalent) option. Once downloaded, you should be able to fill the ballot out in Acrobat Reader and save it to email back to us.

Signing Your Ballot Your ballot must be signed or it will count as "No Preference." Either print/sign/scan your ballot before e-mailing it back, or, using Adobe Reader DC, create a signature block by choosing Fill & Sign from the right side menu, then sign from the top menu, then following the prompts to create a signature block and place it in the signature area of the PDF before saving it.

You can vote in these ways:

In advance of the convention :

Voting in advance of the convention has now closed.

At the convention (Payment by cash, check, or credit card accepted at the convention. Voting will close on August 18, 2018):

  1. In person at the Site Selection voting desk in the Exhibit Hall.
  2. By sending your ballot with some other person to deliver to the Site Selection voting desk in the Exhibit Hall on your behalf.

If you have any questions about the site-selection process, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Filed Bids for the 2020 Worldcon and 2019 NASFiC

Worldcon 76 has accepted complete filings from the following bids for future conventions.

2020 Worldcon

New Zealand in 2020

2019 NASFiC

Utah for 2019