Callahan's Place Logo 


When GOH Spider Robinson first introduced us to Mike Callahan and his bar full of locals, time-travelers, and aliens, he created a place we all wanted to visit: a place filled with friends to share your joy, and lessen your pain.  A place so loved that his readers searched neighborhoods far and wide to find the bar Callahan’s Place was based on.

WorldCon76 welcomes all fans to Callahan’s Place, our bar inspired by Robinson’s creation.   We’re located in the Exhibit Hall next to the concession stand and across from the fan tables.  Bring your food, tired feet, and enjoy cold refreshments with us. There will be tall tales, puns, darts, a very large fireplace, and friendly bartenders to share stories with and pass the time.    

Callahan’s Place plans to live-stream the Hugo Awards and Masquerade, and fans can come and go, eat, drink, and be merry without disturbing the ceremony. Heckling-by-Pun is encouraged.  Drop a coin in the cigar box and toss a glass into the fireplace. There is plenty of room at Callahan’s to meet and greet, conspire, and create over beer and wine and other adult libations.  Live entertainment will occur on Callahan’s stage. There might even be a time-traveler or aliens visiting.

No faster-than-light spaceships, giant scary monsters, or homicidal computers here – just a place to call home.  

Callahan’s Place opens at noon on Thursday, and 10:00 am on other days. Closing is at 10 pm. on Thursday, 10:30 pm on Friday, 11:30 pm on Saturday, 10:30 pm. on Sunday, and 2:00 pm on Monday