As an all-volunteer, non-profit community event, Worldcon is funded almost exclusively by membership sales. Worldcon 76 has been fortunate enough to benefit from the generosity of a number of individuals and companies, who opened their hearts and wallets to help us reach a little bit farther, shine a little bit brighter, and build an even more spectacular Spectacular for the engagement and enjoyment of our membership.

Galactic Sponsor: Google

Google color logo

Our profound thanks goes to Google for their generous support of Worldcon 76 in San Jose, for underwriting a portion of the 2018 Hugo Awards Ceremony, accessibility, hospitality, and a host of items to make members have a Worldcon experience that was just a bit nicer.

Interstellar sponsors: the Initiatives

We also want to take a moment to thank the breathtaking generosity of the individuals who donated to GoH John Picacio's Mexicanx Initiative, and member Chuck Serface's GLBTQ Initiative, to help bring new voices into the ongoing conversation that is Worldcon and WSFS.


Planetary Sponsors: 

These are the individuals and companies who opened their talents, their wallets, their storehouses and their closets to loan us materiel to help Worldcon 76 build the sights and wonders filling our Exhibits Hall (and a few other locations at Worldcon 76):

Utah Fandom Organization
Art Directors Guild IATSE Local 800
Beatrice Cross at MacMillan Publishers
Chez Wood
Chuck Elliott
Courtney Willis
Diego Gomez aka Trangela Lansbury
Don Timm
Faolan's Pen Publishing
Gene Bundy, Librarian, Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library, Eastern New Mexico University
Green Mouse Recycling
Gretchen Rothschopf, Ph.D.
Heinlein Society
Jeff Eddy at Sofawolf Press
Katrina L. Young, Public Affairs Specialist | Protocol & Special Events, Office of Strategic Analysis, Communications & Business Development, NASA
Lisa Peoples
Liza Groen Trombi, Editor-in-Chief, Francesca Myman, Design Editor, and the rest of the staff of Locus
Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc.
Marcy Hart
Mette Hedin and Bryan Little
Midnight Lighting & Sound
Mordicai Knode and Katharine Duckett at
Nicole Schaefer and Maggie Lehrman at Abrams Books
Penguin/Random House
Sarah Rees Brennan
The New Mexico History Museum
The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Outreach Office of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy Directorate, Kirtland AFB, NM
Transparent Acoustics
Tsuki Systems 
Valentine and Callie at the American Conservatory Theater Costume Shop
Wiley Saichek
Worldcon Heritage Organization, Kent Bloom, President
Steve Jackson Games
American Conservatory Theater Costume Shop
Philip and Kathe Gust
Wizard's Tower Press
Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (SCIFI)
Miriam Hardin
Gene Bennett
Nicholas Danby
Punky Pebbles
Erik Anderson and Jade Falcon


Satellite Sponsors... the Worldcon "Angels"

Over 150 members of the community made extra donations to Worldcon 76 in the course of their registration process. Those donations helped us invite an additional Guest of Honor!
(These are the members who opted into the member directory)

Jon Mohning
Carol Capriola
Laurel Hill
Lyle Wiedeman
Vicky Veritas
Roy Pettis
Terry Terman
Ray Gordon
Sally G Pasion
Steven T. L. Garcia (Alkani)
Joanne Shimada
Cheryl S.
Jenna Miller
Terry Terman
Marie Foster
Nick Connolly
Sandra Engwall
David Belamy
Mallory McCamant
Michael Heumann
Keith Kissel
J.M. Kiel
Mark Tompkins
Lykke Hashøj
Ron Wiltse
Felix Yuan
Tom Becker
Pablo Vazquez
Myles F. O'Reilly
Sally Robinson
Claudio Bottaccini
Anne MacTane
Frank Portwood
Stephen Metzger
Nancy Kathleen Bruce
Jeff Lewis
David Hook
Doug Young
David Hook
John DeBlanc
Susan Schwartz
Thomas Beck
Jay Smith
Jeff Rensch
Erin Foley
David Gillett
Denise Quinones
Erik Charles
Chris Miser
William McGeachin
Patricia Flood
Bernice Smith
Kenneth Smookler
Fran Friel
Cathy Carlson
Sean Grigsby
Stephen T Vessels
Diana Nevins
Leslie Kay Swigart
Mark Kelsey
Robin Reid
Kenna Fung
Laura Watkins
Nilah Magruder
John Barron
Robert Parks
Kimberly Hanson
April Lee
Vanessa MacLaren-Wray
Pan Gu
Bob Brown
Geoff Doherty
Lee Greenberg
Dylan Zink
Matthew Hughes
Allison Henle
Marielle Kaifer
Kay Kenyon
Alex Jennings
Alan Badger
Keith Ballinger
Brendan Kirby
Geoffrey Kidd
Kasey Shafsky
Deborah Bono
Eric Tolle
Quentin Long
Soren Kongstad
Suzy Charnas
Eloise Hamann
Barbara Pickering
Morgan Bleuel
Maddi Hausmann
Nick DiChario
Lucy Tompkin
Jess Flarity
Jill Vassilakos
Ryan Lackey
Jason Denzel
John Vester
Margaret Hammitt-McDonald
Duncan A McGregor
Patricia Russell
Elizabeth Camp
Henning Hoenicke
Edward Washburn
Joe Monti
Patricia Crumpler
Ellen Clarke
Bonnie Packert
Richard Rubiin
Michaelina Nowicki-Clark
Cheri Harlan
Kevin Wei
Graeme Williams
Rodger Nichols
Jeanne Hand-Boniakowski
Larry Douglas
Andrew Leeds
Sonja A Bock
Frances McClellan
Miwako Namba
William Duffy
Lee Cope
Angus MacDonald
Lisa Moore
Paul Matthis
Kendrai Meeks
Richard DeVaul
Pamela Nicholson
Lesli Mitchell
Linda Reynolds-Burkins
Sharon Chong
Craig Walbridge
Daniel Villani
Neil Butt