Charity Donations: Three Trimble Boxes


 We continue to spotlight donations from dealers, members, and staff

Back in June one of the first donations we spotlighted with a generously overflowing box of Star Trek paraphernalia from John and Bjo Trimble.  We took our time going through this, and eventually decided it needed to be divided into three different offerings, that we're calling Trimble Boxes.

Classic Trek fans will adore this collection of fan basics. Not only does it contain a Vulcan salute hat, but a mint-in-box tribble and a set of Spock ears! (Of course they could probably double as elf-ears if you're so inclined.  Add to that a set of buttons, and three Mega Blox bags. We do expect this to generate have quite a bit of interest!

Box 2 is a set of remix/reboot Trek. Three shirts, sized medium and large (sorry extra large folks, but have you heard about t-shirt quilting?) Includes a disc from The Roddenberrries and a wrist band, lanyard, shopping bag, and Blu-Ray disc from the Star Trek Kelvin universe. Solid collection for a modern Trek fan.

 Box 3 is a joyous mixed bag. Starting with Star Trek Into Darkness and the Director's Cut edition of Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn, we can then swim into some artifacts and treasures from Star Trek conventions and NASA stickers... well there's so much here, you'll have to come by the Charity Auction exhibit and check it all out for yourself!

Again, I hope you'll come out and support the Worldcon76 in San Jose Charity Auction, the beneficiary of which is the Alzheimer's Association. If you're a fan of fantastic art, unique collectables and just really cool stuff, there's sure to be quite a few items that you'll need to add to your collection.

Learn more about the Charity Auction and the Alzheimer's Association here.

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