Read John Picacio's Statement from the Opening Ceremonies

On Thursday, August 16, 2018, John Picacio brought his #Mexicanx Initiative recipients onto stage during the Opening Ceremonies, locked arms and read a personal statement about acceptance and solidarity. The full statement was written by one of the Mexicanx recipients, Lauren Snow, inspired by a brief of John's. John shared it again today on social media. Worldcon 76 would like to share his words here, too.

Full statement (for those having difficulty reading the image above):

It is impossible to stand together today, as Mexicanx creators, and not acknowledge the pain, turmoil, and terror felt right now by our immigrant sisters and brothers, inflicted upon them by the President of the United States. We unequivocally condemn Donald Trump's decision to tear children from their parents, and we are not fooled into thinking  the situation is now over. We additionally condemn any government position of indefinite family detention--to hold families in jails reminiscent of Japanese internment camps, a shameful stain on our history. And finally, we condemn and reject the ongoing criminalization and dehumanization of immigrants seeking safety, opportunity, and freedom for themselves and their families.

In the face of such evil, it is difficult to know what to do. As artists, writers, and creators, we know the transformative power of story to shape the course of what is possible in the world. We commit to harness our rage and heartbreak as we witness this injustice unfolding before us intro creative works of power and hope, and to channel our actions now to bend the arc of history toward justice.


Read more about John Picacio's Worldcon 76 experience on his blog.


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