Charity Donations: Audiobooks by Skyboat!



We continue to spotlight donations from dealers, members, and staff.

Oh man, but do we have a some great dealers coming to Worldcon 76!  And Skyboat Media is definitely at the top of my "Big Givers" list!

Today's mail brought three bags of mystery (as well as SF and Fantasy) in what should be a show highlight. Each bag contains seven or eight audiobook packs by Skyboat Media ( divided into those three categories.  With a value of over $125 each, we're looking forward to making a few commuter's long commutes a bit easier as they drive along having these wonderful books read to them. 

The bags will be auctioned separately, but should you miss out on winning them all you can visit Skybox Media in our dealer area.

Continue to see the books covered and read more!


Each bag is a string backpack. So convenient for carrying them around Worldcon 76 after the auction.




The Einstein Intersection by Samuel R. Delany

The Survivor Chronicles:  The Upheaval by Erica Stevens

Intergalactic Medicine Show:  Big Book of SF Novelettes.  Edited   by Orson Scott Card

The Gold Coast by Kim Stanley Robinson

New Frontiers by Ben Bova

Apes and Angels by Ben Bova



The Eating of the Gods:  An Interpretation of Greek Tragedy by Jan Kott

Ella the Slayer by A.W. Exley

Henry the Gaoler by A.W. Exley

Darling by Brad C. Hodson

Ravenous by Erica Stevens

Soulbound by Bethany Adams

Backyard Dragons by Lee French

Girls Can’t Be Knights by Lee French




Never Con a Corgi by Edie Claire

Never Haunt a Historian by Edie Claire

Never Thwart a Thespian by Edie Claire

Murderer’s Row:  A Matt Helm Novel by Donald Hamilton

Quarry’s Climax by Max Allan Collins

The Interlopers by Donald Hamilton

Blind Influence by Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Remember, it's all for a worthy cause!  Bid big or go home empty handed!

Again, I hope you'll come out and support the Worldcon76 in San Jose Charity Auction, the beneficiary of which is the Alzheimer's Association. If you're a fan of fantastic art, unique collectables and just really cool stuff, there's sure to be quite a few items that you'll need to add to your collection.

Learn more about the Charity Auction and the Alzheimer's Association here.


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