2018 Hugo Awards Voter Packet Now Available


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Worldcon 76 has issued the 2018 Hugo Awards Voter Packet, a collection of finalists for the 2018 Hugo Awards made available to members of Worldcon 76 to assist them in making informed decisions when voting on this year's Hugo Awards. The packet is available for download from the Worldcon 76 website at https://www.worldcon76.org/hugos in the "Hugo Voter Packet" section. Members of Worldcon 76 can sign in using their Hugo Award voting credentials that were sent to them when the final Hugo Award ballot was issued.

Only members of Worldcon 76 can access the 2018 Hugo Award Voter packet and vote on the 2018 Hugo Awards. To become a member of Worldcon 76, see the membership page at https://www.worldcon76.org/membership.

Worldcon 76 will shortly send an announcement regarding the availability of the Hugo Voter Packet to all members who registered their e-mail address with the convention. This mailing will include a copy of the member's voting credentials (membership number and voting PIN). Members can request a copy of their credentials using the Hugo PIN lookup page at https://www.worldcon76.org/hugo/pin_lookup.php.

Works appear in the 2018 Hugo Award voter packet through the courtesy and cooperation of the authors, artists, fans, and rights-holders of the shortlisted works. Not all shortlisted works will necessarily appear in the Hugo Voter Packet. No finalist is required to make their work available for the Hugo Voter Packet.

Worldcon 76 is running both the 2018 Hugo Awards and the 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards. A 1943 Retro-Hugo Voter Packet is in preparation. Worldcon 76 expects to release it shortly and will made an announcement when we do so.

We encourage you to kindly share your appreciation of their contributions with the finalists and their publishers who make the works available for your review.

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