Art Show Information

This art show is brought to you by Elayne Pelz and her team, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink,

Jerome Scott, Lisa Hertel, David Guon and a cast of hundreds… 16 to 20 August 2018, McEnery Convention Cent, San Jose CA

NOTE: The Art show is full. These rules are left posted just for reference.

Basic Rules

All entries must be original works of the artist(s) of science fiction, fantasy, astronomical, or

fannish themes, submitted by the artist(s) or their agent. We reserve the right to reject any entry. All items entered must be completed before being brought into the Art Show. Two-dimensional entries must be matted, mounted or framed, and ready for hanging, including prints. Once a piece of artwork has been entered into the Art Show, it may not be withdrawn, nor may any conditions of its’ sale be changed (such as minimum bid values).

Not-For-Sale work is permitted and is eligible for awards.

All artwork must be clearly labeled. Each two-dimensional art-work must be labeled on the reverse with the artist’s name and the name of the piece. Three-dimensional works should have either a label on the bottom or a tag with this same info. This includes all prints submitted for sale in the Print Shop.

Artists are responsible for their own insurance. Check your homeowner’s policy; you may have appropriate coverage there. We will take reasonable care of your artwork in the show, but the convention cannot acquire the expensive extra insurance for the Art Show. This includes insurance covering shipping.

There will be no photography or video recording of any kind in the Art Show unless cleared by the Director in advance. The artist or agent must be present and consent to any photography or recording.

Artwork receiving six (6) written bids will be sent to the voice auction on Sunday, August 20th.

The art auction is tentatively scheduled for 3:00pm.

This is an Art Show. There are no Quick Sales. All artwork remains on the wall until Sunday, August 20th when it is either sold to the highest bid on paper or goes to the voice auction.

Visual Standards Guidelines

Works judged by the Art Show Director to have pornographic and/or libelous content in regard to known persons and/or to well known characters WILL NOT be allowed. Fair Use of people or known characters is permitted; copyright infringement is not. The Art Show Director has the final word in these matters. If you have questions, please ask first (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Display Requirements

Two-dimensional works MUST be matted or framed to aid in hanging. They must be either able to be hung via bulldog clips or by some sort of attachment on the back. Stick-on plastic hangers on non-matted works will not accepted or displayed. All prints must be matted or in bags of some kind!

Jewelry must be displayed on a table, preferably in a case. Enough table space must be purchased to hold the display case. If you have a lockable case, please give one set of keys to the Art Show Director, so that we can get into the case, if needed.

Art Show Space

The Art Show will be located in the large Exhibit Hall along with the Dealers’ Room and other Exhibits.

The Art Show is planning to have up to 300 4’x3’ pegboard panels for two-dimensional artwork and up to 3 dozen 8’x 24” tables for 3-D artwork.

The basic unit of space is the “panel”, which is a hanging space 4 feet high and 3 feet wide.

Table spaces are sold out.

Remember that the space you reserve must allow for clearance between pieces, and space for their attached bid sheets. Pieces may not extend beyond the edge of the panel or table.

You may reserve a maximum of 8 units of space. No more than 2 units of space may be table spaces.

If you wish to display pieces which do not fit into these categories, such as free-standing sculptures or display cases, please contact us now for a rate quote.

We will try to keep all work by a single artist together, but this may not be possible in all cases.

Print Shop

There will be a Print Shop. Artists are limited to 10 prints, with a maximum of 10 copies of each print. All prints in the Print Shop must be matted or bagged and be able to be hung. The Print Shop will have a separate display area, with all copies of each print hung on large/extended pegboard hooks.

Artists must submit 3-10 IDENTICAL copies of each image to enter the Print Shop. Copies of an image that are of a different size, matted vs. mounted, etc. should be considered as separate images when you are completing your Control Sheet. Different color mats are not considered as separate images. We will accept 3-D items if and only if they can be hung in self-packaging.

Artists must purchase Print Shop panel space; there will be a per item fee.

Re-Sale Artwork

We will have a special section set aside for those members who, for whatever reason, wish to sell their artwork to other members.

All artwork must be in excellent shape, be framed or matted, and labeled as to title and artist. The fees are the same, as are the space limits.

If you are interested in selling your personal collection, please contact the Director for more details.

Mail-in Artwork

We no longer accept mail-in artwork. Fees

  • The basic fee is set at $40 (USD) per space (panel or table).
  • The Print Shop fee is $1 (USD) per print.
  • There will be a 10% commission on all sales.

We estimate that our total fees will cover at least 75% of the Art Show’s expenses. These expenses include our share of the cost of function space, guards and other security arrangements, postage, fees for the use of credit cards, various supplies, the cost of hangings, supplemental lighting and other equipment, electricity, our share of the general costs of the convention, and gratuities. Worldcon76 will collect the appropriate Federal, State, and Local taxes.

Reserving space in Worldcon76 Art Show

To enter the Worldcon76 Art Show and Print Shop, please complete and return the Registration Form with a check or money order.

Advance reservations are required – no space will be available at the door unless there are last- minute cancellations. The deadline for reservations is July 31, 2018, but we expect the show to sell out before then. If your form arrives after the show is full, you will be put on the Wait List to wait for cancellations.

You may pay by check or money order (USD), payable to Worldcon 76. All forms must be accompanied by full payment.

If you have special requests, such as odd size displays or wish to have your art hung next to that of a friend, please tell us on the entry form. We will try to accommodate you.

We will acknowledge receipt of your entry form, indicating how much space has been reserved for you, whether some or any of your requested space has been Wait-Listed, etc. We will inform you whenever your reservation status changes (e.g. when a space request on the Wait List has been granted).

During the Spring of 2018 we will make available Control Sheets and Print Shop Control Sheets; we will confirm your current status; and send detailed instructions for bringing your art and checking it into the show, to all artists who have space reserved, or who are on the Wait List but have a reasonable chance to be granted space due to cancellations.

We will refund your fees in full IF we receive notification of your cancellation by Noon PDT on June 30, 2018. If you do not cancel, do not telephone, and do not show up, you will receive NO refund.

Please let us know about any emergencies, such as travel delays, to arrange for late check-in. If we have not heard from you by 2 pm Thursday, August 16 2018, we may resell your space.

Elayne Pelz, Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.