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Paul and the Babe.

After a run down I-5 we turned towards the coast at Grant’s Pass OR, and started down route 99. The haze from the California wildfires began to be more and more obvious, and the countryside keeps getting prettier. 
Soon, towering redwoods lined the road on either side of us and we saw a major milestone ahead on the road.
California, here we are! 
After a lovely encounter with a young family at the state line, we took each other’s groups photos.
Spider sez: We ain’t giving em back neither.
We weren’t far along into the Republic, when we stumbled on a 50 foot statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox.
I wish I could tell you we didn’t drop any money on cheap tchotchkes. I wish I could tell you that.
Instead here is a picture of me and spider on a bench shaped like a bear.
And here is a picture of Producer A and check out the pair on him.
If you go to mystery trees, check out the awesome Native Museum and tourist-fleecing centre. You can also appreciate the kind of well maintained mid-20th century kitsch including the sculptures and Gen-u-ine bottle openers and fleece hoodies.
After our visit to Babe and Paul, we hit the road again, and soon reached the coast. It was glorious, beautiful, with massive stone intrusions standing proof against the crashing surf. The road would wind inland through farmland and towns, and back to the sea.
There was always something new to see around each corner.
At last we arrived in Eureka, CA. Our stop for the night. A quick costco run for Convention supplies (read- liquor) and another stop on the heartburn express (today’s sin, Carl’s Jr.) we bunked down for the night, and Producer A went off into the gloom to meet with his shadowy associates.
I watched Predator, worked on this blog and tried to get to sleep. So far no dice. Driving tomorrow is going to be rough.
Tomorrow’s highlights - Auntie G, Redwoods, Redwoods, Redwoods, the One Log House, and the Golden Gate Bridge!
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