Help Wanted: Fan Table Staff

Position: Fan Table Staff

Reporting to : Co Area Heads, Fan Tables (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Apply via: Volunteer Information Form

Tasks and Responsibilities:

You will use radios and excellent people skills to help monitor the fan tables to make sure everything is ok.

If tables are giving away or selling items they aren't meant to be, you will radio your Area Head and then approach the table to help them understand: 1) Giving away food or beverages that compete with the convention center's vendors puts the convention in breach of contract with the convention center, and this can get costly. 2) Selling items from free fan tables is not fair to the dealers. If the fan table agrees to stop giving away or selling unapproved items and they put the offending things away, you will let us know on the radio. Remind them them that because of the importance of these requirements, this must be their only warning. If it recurs, they will lose their table.

What is the expected at-con time commitment?  

20 hours of walking the exhibit hall  

If there is a before/after con commitment, when is it and approximately how much per day, week, or month?

No before/after con commitment.

What experience, attributes, skills, and/or abilities are needed/desired?

Assertive in a polite, non-threatening way. Ability to maneuver among the fan tables in the Exhibit Hall Ability to communicate clearly in English.

Are there any physical requirements? Is the position primarily sedentary?

This is a physically active position.

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