While most of Worldcon 76's expenses are funded by Membership, Dealers Room and Art Show fees, there are a number of opportunities for members or the public to assist with some special projects. Members can donate during the registration process, but we've added some links here for people who wish to help without going through the RegOnline interface. Donations are processed via the PayPal account of our parent non-profit, San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc (SFSFC)

LGBTQ Membership Initiative Assistance

This fund is to sponsor memberships as part of member Chuck Serface's LGBTQ Initiative to encourage more active attendance and participation by this often underrepresented segment of the fan community.

Inspired by John Picacio's Mexicanx campaign, Chuck explains the LGBTQ Initiative on his blog here.




General Donations

If you'd just like to donate to Worldcon 76 to help us build a better convention, you may do so. You may indicate to what area you'd prefer we apply the funds, but final allocation of such donations will be determined by the Finance Division.


Make a general purpose donation to Worldcon 76

Mexicanx Initiative Assistance Fund

Mr. Picacio wishes to thank everyone who supported the Mexicanx Initative Assistance Fund. With your help, we were able to meet our goal sooner than expected. Thanks to your generosity, we are no longer soliciting donations to this fund.


Click to donate to the Mexicanx Initiative Assistance Fund