I want to be on the Program.  How do I volunteer?

The Worldcon program is built up from interested fans and pros on a wide variety of topics. Every program participant must be a paid attending member of the convention (as are all staff and volunteers) with the exception of the very few Guests of Honor. This is in part because each Worldcon is organized in turn by a different corporate entity, so there is no built in financial continuity from year to year; we must raise the funds for our conference almost exclusively from membership fees. It is also, perhaps as importantly, because the culture of participation is one of Worldcon's oldest traditions; the entire event is an experience created mutually by the entire membership, fans and pros alike.

Send the Programming Division suggestions for program participants by filling out the Program Participant form.  All suggestions will be considered, but there is no guarantee that a specific person will be scheduled.

I want to suggest a Program Item.  How do I do this?

The Worldcon program is built up from topics suggested by the membership as well as by the programming staff.  They range from current events to science to writing and art techniques — and many others in between.  Program items include solo presentations, panel presentations, workshops, music and other events.

Send the Programming Division suggestions for panel topics by filling out the Program Item Submission Form.  All suggestions will be considered, but there is no guarantee that a specific topic will be scheduled.

I’m a Publisher.  How do I get my writers and their books involved?

Publishers may get involved in several different ways.  They may propose people to be program participants.  They may propose program items. While there is no guarantee that any proposed item will be used, Worldcons often try to have a program item for an SF publisher to discuss its upcoming books.  They may buy space in the Dealers room.  

How do I get a dealer’s table or booth?

Visit the Dealers Room and read our handy FAQ. When you get to the bottom of the page, you will find a link to our forms.

Many details are still in process but here are some details of interest that are settled:

  • Both booths and tables will be available.
  • Memberships to 2018 Worldcon are required to participate in the 2018 Worldcon Dealer Room.  These will be available to purchase at a reduced rate AND will be available as a bundle with either tables or booths.  Details are still in progress.
  • All dealers will be required to have a California Seller's Permit.  More information on this will be provided closer to the event.  AT THIS TIME the California Board of Equalization does NOT charge to register a permit and it's available online at https://efile.boe.ca.gov/ereg/index.boe  

I want to display my artwork.  How do I do this?

Art is displayed and sold in the Art Gallery. Find out how to sell your artwork on the Art Show Rules page. 

I want to host a party.  How do I get a suite?

Party bookings will open after January 1, 2018.  Once they are up, we will update the website (and Progress Report) telling people how to reserve party rooms and suites.  Depending on the demand, people may be limited to one night.