Dawn is breaking over the OIympic mountains with a golden kiss of morning sunlight. We arose with songbirds and forest creatures bringing us coffee on rough hewn wooden trays.
Just kidding.
I awoke at 6, looked over at the other bed where a towering literary giant of the science fiction field is sleeping.
Why 6 A.M.? Well, one of the things they don’t warn you about in the SF Author Maintenance Handbook, is the snoring. 
Fortunately a well aimed pillow from across the room solves the problem and we are ready for the next leg of adventure, excitement and really wild things (™ Douglas Adams, R.I.P.)
First order of business. Coffee.
Coffee secured and somewhat consumed, it’s time for Producer A and me to plan out the day. Do we stop at the World’s largest egg? Maybe the scale model of the Golden Gate Bridge? 
(Spoiler alert - Mother Nature had other plans)
These are the topics of discussion as the TV in the ‘breakfast bar’ screams at us about a poor unfortunate who hijacked a small prop plane and crashed it into pungent sound.
This is not a re-assuring omen.
A note on Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Bars. Don’t be fooled by the technological charms of the auto-pancake maker, we are fairly certain the batter’s primary ingredient is shredded styrofoam. Still one must appreciate the leaps in extrusion technology the pancake-o-tron represents.
With Spider rolling out of bed around 8, we’re hustling to keep to our schedule and reach Portland in time for lunch.
Spider Sez: I was asleep for most of the above, but I can confirm the quality of both the food and coffee this morning. I need to figure out what I did to deserve either.