SFSFC corporate policy requires that all SFSFC events publish and enforce code of conduct and anti‐harassment policies. We are still finalizing our policies for Worldcon 76. It is substantially similar to the Code of Conduct for Westercon 66, but we will be using a dedicated, trained, Incident Response Team for handling member-related issues:


Worldcon 76 in San Jose is a San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Incorporated (SFSFC) event.

SFSFC, Inc is chartered to promote and develop fantasy and science fiction in all their forms. SFSFC events include educational and social activities. Our goal is to show how fantasy and science fiction can be serious and artistic, and fun and accessible to everybody.

We fail in that goal if we create an environment where harassment of attendees and participants is condoned. Victims of harassment will not enjoy an event and will not find fantasy and science fiction to be fun or accessible. SFSFC and its event-planning teams are committed to responding respectfully to reports of harassment and taking appropriate action to ensure harassment that is brought to our attention is stopped.

Worldcon 76 in San Jose abides by Wil Wheaton’s Law. (www.knowyourmeme.com/memes/wheatons-law)


These rules are heavily lifted from Further Confusion, the SF Bay Area’s furry convention. We’re grateful to AAE for their work in creating a fun and safe environment at Further Confusion. It’s also based on our Code of Conduct for Westercon 66.


Worldcon 76 in San Jose will have an Incident Response Team available throughout the convention. Their role is to assist you if you have any problems at the convention. Call [Phone Number to be inserted later] and ask for Worldcon 76 in San Jose incident response or visit Convention Operations (Con-Ops) to ask to speak to a team member. Remember, we cannot address a problem unless we know about it. If they cannot assist you immediately, Con-Ops will have someone contact you as soon as possible who can. As with all messages left with Con-Ops, remember to give details of how, when, and where you can be contacted.


A neat tattoo or a sexy, excellent costume does not come with permission to touch, nor is it an invitation to do so. Always ask if you may touch clothing, property, or the person. Costuming is not consent.

  • “No” means no.

  • “Stop” means stop.

  • “Go away” means go away.

If you are being bothered or are uncomfortable with someone’s actions toward you, communicate any one of these messages.
If someone won’t understand these simple rules, contact our incident response team for assistance or ask any convention staff member to do so on your behalf.

Harassment is any behavior that intentionally annoys other persons, aggravates them, or makes them feel unsafe. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Unwanted or threatening physical contact,

  • Unwanted or threatening verbal contact,

  • Following someone in a public area without a legitimate reason, and

  • Threatening physical harm in any way.

All guests and members of this convention have the right to not join in activities that cause them any form of discomfort and to speak out if they feel harassed or unsafe.  Offenders may lose their badges and be asked to leave the convention. The matter may be referred to law enforcement authorities.   

Treat people as you’d want others to treat your sister or brother. Complaints will be taken very seriously.


Worldcon 76 in San Jose does not tolerate serving of alcohol to minors. If you are hosting a party where alcohol is being served, it is your responsibility as host to ensure that the age of anyone drinking alcohol is checked. You should also designate someone not to drink, so that there is a fully competent person present to deal with any emergencies that might arise.

Worldcon 76 in San Jose does not tolerate the use of illegal substances.

The violation of the above rules could subject you to the immediate loss of your badge and convention privileges and referral of the matter to other authorities.


Worldcon 76 in San Jose wants you to have great memories from a fantastic convention. Photographs and videotape footage by attendees are generally allowed in all common areas of the convention with the exception of the Art Show. Specific rules regarding these matters may exist for selected events such as concerts. Please consult the Pocket Program for information relating to specific events.

When photographing or videotaping individuals or costumes, use common courtesy and ask before photographing them. Respect their rights if they do not wish to be photographed or videotaped. If someone asks or otherwise indicates (remember many folks in costume do not speak) that they do not wish to be photographed, do not photograph them!

Photography or videography for the purpose of sale or publication to the press is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been obtained from Worldcon 76 in San Jose.

Individuals may take pictures and videotapes for private viewing or sharing with friends. We ask our attendees to be courteous to those they wish to take pictures of, especially if you wish to place those pictures or video clips onto a personal Web page or similar Internet archive. In this case, ask your subjects for their explicit permission to do this.


If you have questions or comments regarding Worldcon 76 in San Jose policies, please contact our Incident Response Team or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.