Science fiction fans wouldn’t be science fiction fans if they weren’t interested in the future. William Shatner, shameless self-promoter he is, showed us how Star Trek influenced inventors and engineers in How William Shatner Changed the World. But we can all point to other modern conveniences originally illustrated in science fiction literature and media. Researchers and engineers are working now to make new visions of science fiction real.

We are creative fans. The world is what we make it into.

We are not just consumers of books, movies and television. We are creative fans. We write stories and essays. We publish fanzines, blogs and podcasts. We produce music, theater, and video. We draw, paint, sculpt, costume. We create games, whether at a table, around a hotel or on your computer. We throw parties and entertain.

San Jose is a place that rewards and celebrates creativity. Where people, in their day jobs, advance science and technology, only to go home and create more. Where being smart and nerdy is the mainstream.

Let’s build on that, and make our own future.

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“Panoramic Downtown San Jose” by xAtsukex and used under the CC BY-3.0 license.

“San Jose Center for Performing Arts” by JaGa, and used under the CC BY-SA-3.0 license.

"Fanime 2015" by Michael Ocampo with a CC license from Flickr.

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