By Worldcon 76 on Saturday, 20 January 2018
Category: Help Wanted

Position: Photographer

Reporting to: Photography Area Head, Events Division

Apply via: Volunteer Information Form

Tasks and Responsibilities:

We are looking for photographers who are able to provide their own camera and lenses. You will take photos at a variety of events throughout the convention as part of a small team. Many rooms in which photography will take place are not brightly lit, and flashes will not be permitted at events. Access to a DSLR with decent low-light capability, and lenses with apertures wider than 2.8 will likely be needed.

You will will collect the names of all persons in the photos and provide the photos and names to the photography co-ordinator. You may need to co-ordinate with the social media team and the web team to ensure the photos are online quickly.

Time commitment: 

During the convention, you should expect to spend two to four hours per day at assigned events and locations. There will be some flexibility for you to attend and photograph events that are of interest to you. Leading up to the convention you will be expected to participate in online discussions, in schedule planning, and in an hour-long phone meeting.

Experience, attributes, skills, and/or abilities:

You should have prior photography experience. Ideally, this would include event photography. We will ask to see samples of your work.