By Worldcon 76 on Saturday, 30 September 2017
Category: Help Wanted

Position: Art Show Staff

Reporting to: Elayne Pelz, Art Show Area Head

Apply via: Volunteer Information Form

Tasks and Responsibilities:

You will help watch over the art show during the convention and sell prints. Before the Art Show opens, you will help set up the show and help hang art.

Time commitment: 

You will be expected to work 3 - 6 hours per day during the convention. You will also help set up the show on the Wednesday before the con and help tear down the show on the Monday of the con.

Experience, attributes, skills, and/or abilities:

You must be able to walk around the art show to help watch over it. You will need to be able to pick up computer skills quickly to help with sales of prints. 

Physical requirements: 

You must be able to walk around the art show as needed.