GoH exhibit coordinator, Frank Hayes exhibit

Reporting to: Rebecca Hewett, Curated Exhibits Area Head

Apply via: Volunteer Information Form

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Worldcon 76 is looking for a volunteer who is familiar with Frank Hayes’ work. You would work as part of Curated Exhibits to create the Guest of Honor (GoH) exhibit for Frank Hayes. Between now and Worldcon 76 you would take point in developing an interesting and entertaining GoH exhibit that explores Frank Hayes as a person and filker, his work, and the impact of both on fandom. You will be responsible for sourcing, permissions, and planning in cooperation with the Curated Exhibits team and GoH liaison. You will also be responsible for performing/overseeing set-up and tear-down of the GoH Exhibit.

Time commitment: 

There is no specific time commitment associated with this role, but your efforts will be primarily prior to the convention developing the exhibit. The exhibit will need to be set up the day before the convention opens and torn down, packed, and ready to ship the day after the convention closes. Time during the convention will be limited to an occasional check on the exhibit to maintain proper set-up.

Experience, attributes, skills, and/or abilities:

You will need to bring your creativity, self-motivation, and willingness to work as a part of a team.  You will need good writing skills.  Knowledge and/or experience with researching and exhibits, displays, or presentations is desirable.  However, the Curated Exhibits team is willing to work with a motivated individual who is willing to learn.  Knowledge of object handling, graphic design, or ADA accessibility guidelines is a bonus.

Physical requirements: 

Physical requirements will depend on final plans for the exhibit, but probably involve bending, reaching, possible work on step stool or low ladder, and light to moderate lifting, possibly above the head.  However, don’t let this deter you.  If you have physical limitations, we will work with you to find help for set-up and tear-down at the convention.

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