By Worldcon 76 on Saturday, 10 February 2018
Category: Help Wanted

Freebies Wrangler

Reporting to: Jill Eastlake, Exhibits Division Head

Apply via: Volunteer Information Form

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Every year Worldcon loves to give things away and Worldcon 76 will be no exception!

The con wants to have lots of things for our members to pick up and bring home and hopefully many of them will be introduced to something new and wonderful! The Exhibits Division needs a volunteer to organize this function. In this job you will email and write to publishers, movie studios, and other entities (using any of the contacts Worldcon 76 might already have) asking for donations.

You'll organize the shipping and storage of the items donated. You will also need to work with our Marketing & Communications team to get out lots of advertising on our website and social media. Once at the con you'll set up the Freebie area (with help from other people, of course), make sure it's restocked appropriately and work with SF Outreach to make sure they have great items to display. At the end of Worldcon 76 it'll be your job to find a home for any leftovers.

Time commitment: 

Before the con, this position will likely require a commitment of 4-8 hours per week. During the con, you will be heavily involved in Move-in and Move-Out (MIMO) in order to organise the freebies. After the con, this position will last until a home has been found for all of the leftovers.

Experience, attributes, skills, and/or abilities:

You should be detail-oriented, good with spreadsheets, enjoy organization, able to communicate and reach out to people.

There may be some physical requirements during MIMO, but there will be help available if prolonged physical activity is problematic.